June 27

It's draft day and rather than re-post everything, here is my top 29. This is the order in which I think the players will be drafted.

1.Kwame Brown
2.Tyson Chandler
3.Pau Gasol
4.Eddy Curry
5.Eddie Griffin
6.Shane Battier
7.Jason Richardson
8.Rodney White
9.Joe Johnson
10.Kedrick Brown
11.Troy Murphy
12.DeSagana Diop
13.Vladimir Radamanovic
14.Tony Parker
15.Brendan Haywood
16.Richard Jefferson
17.Zach Randolph
18.Michael Bradley
19.Joseph Forte
20.Gilbert Arenas
21.Jammal Tinsley
22.Jason Collins
23.Omar Cook
24.Raul Lopez
25.Loren Woods
26.Trenton Hassell
27.Ken Johnson
28.Jeff Trepagnier
29.Ousmane Cisse


With the College Basketball season winding down and the draft camps starting up soon, it's time to start talking about who is the cream of the crop. Who is going to be the first pick? Candidates include High School phenoms like Eddy Curry (left), Tyson Chandler and college stars like Arizona's Loren Woods, Michigan State's Jason Richardson and Seton Hall's Eddie Griffin. 

2001-2002 NBA DRAFT TOP 50 


Here is the first version of many mock NBA Drafts to come. The drafting order is based on the records of the teams at the time the mock draft was written. This mock draft includes all underclassmen unless a particular player has indicated that he will stay (Duke's Jason Williams). On the other hand, High School players have only been included if the NBA has been listed as a possibility for that player. Prep players will remain on the mock drafts until a solid college committment has been made. No JUCO players have been included in this first draft.

NBA MOCK DRAFT 2001   (May 27, 2001)


These are the player rankings by position. Again, all players have been included unless that player has otherwise stated and only those Prep players who have been considering the NBA are included. These rankings will be updated as things change. 

*NOTE:Players are ranked based on what position they will play in the NBA, not necessarily what they played in college. 

PG  -    SG  -    SF  -   PF  -    C     MORE COMING SOON!!!